[Instagram Gossip] Are Keyshia Cole & Husband Boobie REALLY Over?

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Looks like Keyshia Cole and estranged NBA baller husband Daniel Gibson are over. Amid reports that the 32-year-old singer owes over $150K to the IRS, over the weekend rumors swirled that Gibson spent thousands on popular Houston area stripper named, HTown Ciara’.  Soon after, Keyshia took to Twitter to vent her feelings writing,

Shame….You have to GO! Take yo ass back to HTown! U can have him boo. #Trust So mad? Confused?

She also posted on Instagram the following message that caused more speculation:

It’s a respect thing. No hate. Being honest and truthful May seem harsh or uncalled for at times. But relationships last longer that way. I guess that’s just knowing the one you love tho. GNight. No love lost. God got me to this point. He’s the only one who can take me out.

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So what’s really going on with these two? Over the last several months, the two have appeared to be on the outs. A few months ago, Keyshia was spotted out and about with a mystery man. In September, Daniel confirmed on Twitter that the couple were indeed having problems after a story broke tweeting,

Wife. We not getting along right now true. But don’t spread that type of negativity. The world don’t need that Shyt! It’s amazing these days the affect the media & news has on society. It allows them to brainwash you . Be careful what you feed your mind. You never know who’s behind it. PAC said it best. The media is FULL of dirty tricks.

Last year, the couple seemed to be doing well as Daniel was spotted in New Orleans with Keyshia during the Essence Festival. The same weekend, he was arrested for allegedly assaulting a man who was insulting his wife. The pair married in May 2011 and have a son Daniel, 3. Shortly after they married the pair began filming a reality show for BET, ‘Keyshia and Daniel: Family First‘. In a 2012 Essence interview the pairwere happily working on their marriage. Daniel explained,

We’re inseparable no matter where we are. We always talk. We’re always on the phone. We enjoy each other’s company, so any time we spend time apart, we automatically start missing each other. I think that’s why our relationship is just so much fun. We have fun with everything.

I just feel like the most blessed man just being able to wake up to her every day and see that pretty smile. No makeup. Everybody else can have all the makeup. As soon as she wakes up in the morning I just look at her and feel it’s a blessing to have her in my life.

Keyshia added,

Being happily married takes work, so it’s not like, we’re just happy all the time. But we’re just growing and learning each other constantly. We’re just having so much fun with DJ. The smile that he puts on our faces every day is amazing.

Cole has yet to address their relationship status directly. Currently, she’s back former manager Manny Hailey working on her new project.

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