NeNe Leakes Says Porsha Williams Threw Her Under The Bus, Porsha Responds: B*tch You Got Me Twisted!

NeNe Leakes Says Porsha Williams Threw Her Under The Bus, Porsha Responds: B*tch You Got Me Twisted!

Who knew the most recent episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” would lead to a peach fight on Instagram? Reality TV stars NeNe Leakes and Porsha Williams exchanged words on social media after RHOA aired. In the episode, serial entrepreneur Kandi Burruss-Tucker spilled some tea on Porsha’s fiancé, Dennis McKinley, in which the group agreed that Kandi wouldn’t deliver the news to Porsha.

Well, that tea did, in fact, get spilled onto Porsha’s lap. The episode leads viewers to believe that Porsha admitted that NeNe tipped her off to her meeting with Kandi. However, NeNe maintains her innocence and called Porsha out on social media. In a now-deleted post, NeNe shared a photo of she and her self-proclaimed “little sister,” Porsha Williams. NeNe’s caption read:

“When you a ride or die chick!!!! Hey lil sis, i got your back! Lil sis: yeah ok! Then throws big sis under the bus! What the F*CK #loyalty #dontbitethehandthatfeedsyou I’m out #beloyaltosomebody”

Porsha clapped back with this comment:

“So you text me and ask me a question then make an assumption. Now you come on social media and blast me ! Bitch you got me twisted. #FakeasHell #CutTheCrap”

NeNe, then, proceeded to remind Porsha of a time where she willingly threw Phaedra Parks under the bus regarding their “drugging and raping”-rumor incident with Kandi Burruss. NeNe said:

“@porsha4real girl u stay fucking people over! Um PHAEDRA! Street code 101, don’t bite the hand that feeds you!”

Porsha, then, took her talents to Twitter, explaining that the show was edited to make viewers believe she threw NeNe under the bus. She tweeted:

“Nene knows that was editing! Everyone can see that was the last part of a sentence asked waay after the lunch even took place! They added it to make it seem like I confessed who told me. I never said Nene told me what Kandis said. I only said why nene felt it may be kept from me!”

Did NeNe Leakes deliver Kandi Burrus’ tip to Porsha Williams? You be the judge!

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay