Basketball Wives LA’s Brandi Maxielle’s Husband Denies Cheating + Reality Star Talks Surviving Cancer


Looks like Draya isn’t the only one sticking up for her man when the accusations begin to roll in. BasketBall Wives LA’s newcomer to the show, Brandi Maxiell and her husband, Jason have been under fire recently with accusations coming from castmate, Sundy Carter on twitter, blasting her and Jason’s relationship. In a recent interview with The Insider’s Nina Parker, Jason addresses reports that he’s stepped outside of his marriage, while Brandi gives insight on surviving cancer.  Check out a few excerpts below:

Yahoo Insider: You’ve been through a lot, why would you decide to do a reality show?

I had ovarian cancer at a really young age so I just  felt that it was really important for me to just talk about it to the world and just bring awareness. It was the worst thing to happen to me but the best thing at the same time.

Yahoo Insider:  Jason, you were really there for here. I remember seeing pictures of when she lost her hair you shaved your head.  How were you able to be so supportive at such a young age ?

I felt that I should do as much as I possibly can and also playing at the same time, not being there as much as I want to be so I had to show my support some how.


Yahoo Insider: In the accusation of you cheating by Sundy, Jason, how do you feel about that?

 It doesn’t bother me at all. It’s something that is going to be brought up , somethings that’s going to try and bring her down but she’s strong and we’re going to rise above it.

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Yahoo Insider:  Brandi, do you trust your husband?

 I vowed for better or for worse. No one is going to mess up this matrimony, I know what I have here.


Yahoo Insider:  Your bond remains strong and strengthened after your son Jason’s birth in 2011.  What do you remember from your struggle to conceive after cancer and chemo took a toll on your body?

 He is my miracle baby. He was born on 11/11/11, so that’s my miracle baby. They gave me the adoption option …just not knowing if I was going to have him just broke my heart. He’s just the best thing I’ve ever had in my life.

Yahoo Insider:  Do you guys want more children and will the  process have to be the same that you went through?

 We’ re going to have another one by the end of this year and yes.

Here’s the full clip:

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