[WATCH] AJ Johnson Quits As Lindsay Lohan’s Life Coach, Find Out Why!

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Celebrity fitness and life guru, AJ Johnson, is officially done as Lindsay Lohan’s life coach. Johnson who has worked with everyone from Gabrielle Union to Anne Hathaway had been brought on to help the embattled 27-year-old star get her life back in order. During the fifth episode, Lohan had become angry after AJ asked her if she had been drinking. Frustrated that AJ had questioned her while the cameras were rolling, Lindsay said:

..This is something that I don’t feel like discussing on camera. And I thought you as my friend, of all people would tell me that in private. 

AJ replied:

You didn’t let me finish, I’m dealing with an inner personal relationship. Because I told you before I want you to be honest. 

Lohan became visibly annoyed when she asked the questions that weren’t previously discussed beforehand Lohan avoided Johnson for an entire week and missed a meeting with DeVon Franklin to discuss her career. Shortly after Johnson decided to end the relationship explaining,

Its a conversation to help her move forward. I just don’t get it. I can’t help someone when they are not open to receiving. Sometimes its better to leave before it gets ugly, so that’s if there’s a chance later to actually do the work and  come together, then you can and its not personal. It’s just not the time to really, really dig in and do the help.For me at this point..it’s time for me to go.

Lindsay was visibly shaken by the breakup explaining,

With AJ what she brought into my life all and all..what I can say is, she was a friend to me when I didn’t really have any new friends in New York at the time. She was a guiding light in a sense and something that I found trust and solace in. I felt like she maybe disrespected me by asking me things on camera that where a bit personal and when we had the momenta alone to discuss it then it was okay..yes of course it’s jarring when you’ve relapsed and you’re trying to stay sober..it’s a scary thing. But all in all she was a blessing in disguise.

Lindsay Lohan-AJ Johnson-The Jasmine Brand

This isn’t the first incident with Lindsay. Oprah Winfrey went to speak to Lohan after she halted production of the show famously telling her,

You need to cut the bullsh*t. You really do.

Also, during the season Lindsay had a major fight with her assistant with him almost quitting. Both AJ and Lohan took to Twitter during the episode tweeting,

AJ Johnson-Lindsay Lohan-Twitter-The Jasmine Brand

Lindsay Lohan-Twitter-The Jasmine Brand

Peep the clips below.



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