‘All That’ Star Angelique Bates Recalls Being Yelled At & Embarrassed By Nickelodeon Exec Dan Schneider After She Retaliated Against Co-Star Who Spit In Her Face

Angelique Bates, Dan Schneider

‘All That’ Star Angelique Bates Recalls Being Yelled At & Embarrassed By Nickelodeon Exec Dan Schneider After She Retaliated Against Co-Star Who Spit In Her Face

Child star Angelique Bates is opening up about her experience with Nickelodeon and their controversial former exec, Dan Schneider.

The actress recounted the time she was humiliated on set and was reprimanded by the TV boss after a co-star spit milk on her.

Angelique Bates

Angelique Bates told the story following the bombshell docuseries Quiet on Set: The Dark Sides of Kids TV. As we’ve been covering, several Nickelodeon child stars appeared in the project (excluding Bates), sharing their horrid experiences of being (allegedly) exploited and abused by the network and their execs. Many ex-Nickelodeon staffers and actors specifically came forward with alarming stories about show creator Dan Schneider’s problematic behavior.

Bates stated in an interview that she was also victim to Schneider’s antics, and explained the time he wrongly embarrassed her while filming. She explained: 

“We ran the scene first because it was supposed to be a one-take scene due to the mess that was going to be made…During rehearsal, one of the cast members [whom] I was already having issues with, thought it would be hilarious to throw the milk partially on me despite it not being in the script…Because nothing was done, when it was time to film another cast member thought it would be even more hilarious to directly spit the milk in my face despite it not being in the script.”

Angelique Bates

Continuing, Bates admitted that she reacted by picking up her milk and throwing it in the person’s face. Afterward, she shared that Schneider, who allegedly did nothing but laugh when the liquid was spit in her face, “completely lost it on set.” She continued:

“He proceeded to yell at me and yell all kinds of obscenities that was heard all over the Nickelodeon studio and building because the microphones were still on…So, if you were in the dressing rooms, offices, hallways, on any of the floors, etc. you heard it over the intercoms and televisions.”

Dan Schneider

Thankfully, Bates claimed a guest director witnessed what happened and sent her to a dressing room. Moments later, she said Schneider came and apologized to her and that in the aftermath of the incident, Nickelodeon went all out for her birthday. The actress said she was also told to make a list of everything she wanted, which she mostly received.

Bates‘ ephemeral moment of redemption seems to be a unique outcome. As previously covered, other Nick stars such as Bryan Hearne and Giovonnie Samuels seem to feel like their justice never came as they faced emotional and verbal abuse on set.

Bates did go on to share, however, that Nick still went on to blackball her from the industry and never formally apologized. She stated elsewhere in the interview:

“There’s a long list of people who need to apologize to me, but Nickelodeon has never personally commented on the abuse from what I am aware of…And there haven’t been any apologies from them either.”


“But the same way Nickelodeon publicly attempted to blackball and silence me, that’s the same way they need to apologize…publicly.” 

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Authored by: Kay Johnson