Draya Michele Quits Basketball Wives LA, Credits Shaunie O’Neal For Opportunity

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It’s highly likely that this is the last season that viewers will see Draya Michele on Basketball Wives LA. After Monday’s episode, Draya made a few comments on Twitter indicating that we won’t be seeing much of her moving forward.

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She wrote:

Feels like a tremendous weight has been lifted from my shoulders…Won’t catch me arguing with the chicks I made semi-famous any longer. They gonna have to carry themselves or fight with each other …You crown your enemy queen when you start responding to their fans. Lol.


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There have also been reports that Draya’s departure has caused friction with Shaunie O’Neal the creator of the franchise and one of the executive producers. Draya clarified on Twitter:

Despite what blogs may report… I have nothing but love & the up most respect for Shaunie Oneal … How could I not, she gave me a chance

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During an interview with The Insider last month, Draya says that her spat with Sundy, after the show filmed, was because she continued to bring her name up in interviews. She says:
This Sundy girl. The way that she talks about me in her interviews, as if she has a real problem with me so I just had to ask her like, ‘What is wrong with you? Did I steal your boyfriend in high school? I couldn’t have because you’re 40. Like I wasn’t born yet when you were in high school.’ So, it’s like arguing with just like a dummy…
Draya continues to make it clear that she’s carrying the show and needs her own spin-off, minus cast mates adding:
They should just give me my own show. It’s all about me. I think that the audience wants to get more of Draya.

What do you think about Draya’s alleged departure? Does the show need her to keep the entertainment value? And are you interested in seeing Draya with her own show? 


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