Jason Derulo Admits He Feels Industry Pressure To Marry Long-Term Girlfriend, Jordin Sparks

Jason Derulo is in full promotional mode, pushing his latest project Talk Dirty. This week, the extremely handsome 24-year-old took his talents to New York’s Hot 97 radio station. In addition to chatting about his musical journey and success, he also opened up being pressured to marry his boo, singer Jordin Sparks. Check out a few excerpts below:
On being a writer before a performer:
Yeah for like 3 years, when I was 16 and I got my first writer placement and I was building my writing career. First placement was with Birdman, it was called “Bossy”. So I was doing a lot of Hip Hop writing for hooks, not writing raps.
On how he faked it till he made it:

When we was in Miami, we was trynna get it. In this industry, you gotta try to look like something. So we was in the club maxing out our credit cards, we didn’t have no bread but we was in the club maxing out our credit cards just to look like something. As time progressed, people were like ‘ Oh who’s that?’ wearing fake jewelry, all kinds of stuff it was crazy.

On sharing the #1 spot on the Billboard Charts with Super-producer Pharrell:
(smiling) They got two n***** in that m****
On Jordin’s feelings of him smashing other women:
Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta