Big Tigger Hints at New BET Show, Side-Steps Rumors of Dating Keyshia Knight Pulliam

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Fresh off of a monumental interview with rapper Eminem, we chatted with media personality Big Tigger (real name Darian Morgan) at this year’s Soul Train Awards. With a resume including all things media (TV, radio, etc.), we chatted with the New York native about his next career move, relationship status (we’re not the only one’s inquiring if he’s dating Keshia Knight Pulliam) and some other interesting tid-bits. Check out our conversation.

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Jasmine BRAND: Everyone’s talking about your interview with Eminem – how was that experience?

Big Tigger: It was awesome, it was an amazing thing to bring back to basement – well, excuse me – bring back Rap City for a day. Due to the amazing support of all of you people, there is a possibility that there will be more to come. It was a lot of fun to sit down and chat it up with the homie, Eminem. It was an amazing feeling to get back into what kind of felt like, the booth? So it was a lot of fun.

So is that show similar to that or the show were to come back – how would you do that in terms of you doing radio in Atlanta?

Oh you know, when there’s a will and there’s a paycheck, there’s a way.

What else have you got going on – not that your radio, appearances and hosting isn’t enough – what else has been going on for you?

Oh god, let me see – what else has been going on.  I am a – just F.Y.I – the associate producer, official voice and official D.J. to Soul Train Awards this year so you’ll hear me, you’ll see me a little bit. My foundation is – I’m starting my foundation over for 2014. It’ll no longer be Street Corner Foundation; it will be the Big Tigger Foundation. And Big Tigger’s annual celebrity classic would be coming to Atlanta so we’re just doing some things. Just trying to keep doing – of course, Monday to Friday, V103, 2 to 6pm – we’re just out yeah.


Before I let you go, what’s our love life like? You know what the rumors are – how’s our love life going?

 Our love life is awesome!

 Are we in a committed relationship?

 Our love life is awesome!

 Okay, last question – what’s the craziest rumor that you’ve ever heard about yourself?

 Oh god, I don’t even want to bring that one up.

 Okay so, something else besides that.

 Craziest rumor I’ve ever heard – that’s probably it. Nobody got too much crazy stuff to say about me except that but yeah…

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Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta