[Rumor Has It] Keyshia Cole’s Family Prepping For Their Own Reality Series


Remember meeting Keyshia Cole’s scene stealers, her mother Frankie and sister Neffe, from her reality series on BET The Way It Is? Well their back to give us more of them. According to RhymesWithSnitch, Keyshia’s mother will gather all her kids (minus the famed singer) to document their family strife on a new reality show, Family Therapy. 

This isn’t their first attempt to become the black Kardashians of reality. After lights were off on the estranged married star’s first show, her mom and sis got a duo spin-off The Frankie and Neffe Show and then Frankie took her talents to Celebrity Rehab 4 before piloting their current venture. With the help of  therapist Susan Rosovsky, Keyshia’s mother will try and fix her family’s strained relationship as they meet for the first time and live under one roof for the world to see.


Neffe, 28: 12 years old I was fist fighting women that were 30.


Elite, 24: I was adopted at 3-months.


Robert, 22: Crazy I even made it this far, I was born with cocaine in my system and almost didn’t make it to my 1st birthday.


Latifia, 20: I got a call from CPS, so I immediately get to where my kids are—they snatch Jalaya out of my hands, I didn’t feel like living.


Sam, 30: We’re all crazy, there’s no limit.

If you’ve ever tuned into any show featuring the matriarch of the family, you can bet there’ll be lots of drama, yelling, and crying. The show the Steve Madden’s ambassador doesn’t want you to see, may soon see the light of day if the pilot gets picked up. Press play to watch the trailer.

Authored by: Sharifa Daniels