[EXCLUSIVE] Stormey Ramdhan Says Ex-Fiance Suge Knight Is A Delusional Jerk-Off, Who Rarely Takes Care of Their Kids

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Co-parenting doesn’t seem to be going too well between Suge Knight (real name Marion Hugh “Suge” Knight, Jr.) and Stormey Ramdhan, his ex-fiancee and mother of his two children. Stormey has released her new book, “My Life With the Knight: The Woman Behind the Most Feared Man in Hip Hop” and Suge doesn’t seem pleased about it.

Late last night, Suge blasted Stormey, during an interview with TMZ, saying that her book is 99% fabricated. He adds that she knows nothing of Tupca’s death and plans to shut her book down with a cease and desist.

theJasmineBRAND.com: exclusively spoke with Stormey, for her reaction to Suge’s comments.

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theJasmineBRAND.com: Suge Knight made comments in a recent interview, saying that the majority of your new book has been fabricated. Are you concerned at all about his claims?

Stormey Ramdhan: Not at all, first off he is a liar, everybody knows that we were together.. I wouldn’t have two kids with a 7 year age difference between them. He is the liar; what has he said in the past years that have been creditable or positive? He has a grudge against me and I haven’t been concerned with him in the past nor am I today. He claims Tupac is alive so who is the delusional one? You know he may be senile now.

theJasmineBRAND.com: Did he read the book? And did you discuss the book with him beforehand?

Stormey Ramdhan: I doubt if he does reads at all. He’s just upset that I went there… we talked about this well I wouldn’t say talk, we argued to be more accurate about it. He called me up about three months ago telling me he loved me, I was like, ‘Are you high, drunk?’ I knew this was a ploy to stop me, then the next few days he [was at] his new baby mom’s [and] called my publisher to refute my story. Didn’t work!!! She don’t know me and he is an idiot. And bottom line — I will discuss nothing with someone who doesn’t have our children’s best interest nor mines at hand. I’m a real grown-up. I need no permission to do anything or to speak about the good and bad I experience with Marion.

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theJasmineBRAND.com: Have you received a cease and desist from him?

Stormey Ramdhan: Nah, I have gotten nothing. He said he was gonna do this a while ago, the book is out so he should just go buy it. And instead of trying to shut me up he needs to cease and decease on being a jerkoff!

theJasmineBRAND.com: You have two children together. Has the book made co-parenting more difficult?

Stormey Ramdhan: Yes we have two sons 18 and 11. And co-parenting what’s that? Nah it’s been a struggle with him to even care about his kids. You know, I’m a firm believer in actions speaks louder than