Sevyn Streeter Tackles ‘Side-Chick’ Pregnancies & Unprotected Sex In New Video, B.A.N.S.

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Sevyn Streeter (real name Amber Denise Streeter) is tackling all type of raw and real issues. She’s dropped the new video for B.A.N.S., with Mack Wilds as her love interest. Sevyn discovers that her man has cheated on her AND has gotten the said ‘side check’ pregnant — not to mention she regrets having unprotected sex with her man (I should’ve used protection, instead of movin’ so fast…). 

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She uses her girlfriends, one of which is played by radio personality Angela Yee, to console her with a shoulder to cry on (with the help of some cocktails). 

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But I’m a sucker for affection, should’ve never showed you that…
Now I’ve got myself to blame, why did I let you come in
I shouldn’t have gabe my heart away, but I trusted you with it

Check out the video.