[No Thank You] Richard Pryor’s Family Doesn’t Want Nick Cannon to Play Legendary Comedian

richard pryors kids upset nick cannon playing late comedian in biopic the jasmine brand

There seems to be a bump in the road, before a highly anticipated movie has even started.

A new biopic about the life of the late comedian Richard Pryor is in the works and there seems to be a casting issue. Reportedly, Nick Cannon is rumored to have landed the role of Richard, but Pryor’s children to are not a fan of this decision. 

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According to TMZ, Richard Pryor Jr. and Rain Pryor would prefer that comedic actor Marlon Wayans play Richard Pryor.  They believe that unlike Nick, he understands their dad’s psyche and can connect with the character in a compelling way.

Unfortunately, they don’t think Nick has the ‘acting chops to pull off the role’.  They say that his hit film “Drumline” doesn’t give him the credit to play the famous comedian.

Richard Pryor’s children also take issue with the fact that they aren’t involved in the project, but their step mother, Jennifer Pryor is. Their fear is that the biopic will be a vanity project for her and she will skew Richard’s life to make her look good. Lee Daniels is set to direct. Michael B. Jordan has also been rumored to play Richard Pryor.

What are your thoughts on Nick playing Richard Pryor? Would Marlon Wayans be a better fit? [TMZ]

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