Katt Williams Explains Why He Doesn’t Do Comedy Clubs

Katt Williams

Katt Williams Explains Why He Doesn’t Do Comedy Clubs: It Got To The Point Where I’m Asking Other Comedians To Not Do Things [VIDEO]

Katt Williams recently took a look at his phenomenal career and dove into the reason why he doesn’t perform at comedy clubs anymore.

During a recent sit down with “Arsenio! Live,” which airs on Netflix Is A Joke’s YouTube channel, comedian/actor Katt Williams updated fans on why he isn’t seen working at a comedy club. Katt Williams, 50, has been in the comedic business since the early 1990’s. And now, the question is — how the comedic is able to put on a stellar performance without performing his routine in clubs.

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Katt Williams

Talk show host Arsenio Hall sparked the topic of the hugely popular stand-up comedian never working on his craft in a club and asked Williams where he tends to get “himself right” to perform. Williams answered and shared that he no longer practices in clubs due to being fair to his fellow comedian peers. He said,

“It got to the point where I’m asking other comedians to not do things that maybe they would want to do. So, it’s not really fair if I show you something and say ‘Don’t look at it.’ So I don’t do any practicing in clubs.”

Williams emphasized that his stance is based on the trust of the audience and having organic conversations, adding in that the conversations aren’t always pleasant to have. He continued,

“It’s that trust and the trust of the audience, we’re in a relationship. So I don’t have to go in and see if we’re still in a relationship and get it ready. I can organically trust that this is the conversation that we’re having because we need to have it, so it’s not always pleasant. I don’t want to talk about race and politics and stuff but that keeps happening. It just keeps being presented in a new way.”

See the full clip below. 

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Authored by: Ariel Whitely