[WATCH] First Look! Real Housewives of Atlanta Returns: A Birth, An Eviction & Beef Between NeNe and Kenya Moore

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It’s that time again! Season six of the highly rated Real Housewives of Atlanta returns this November and we are sure there will be no shortage of drama. Nene Leakes, Porsha Stewart, Kenya Moore, Kandi Burruss, Cynthia Bailey and Phaedra Parks all return for another look at their lives, along with rumored newbie Mynique Smith. According to the release,

NeNe relishes being Gregg’s new wife again and settles back into Atlanta after a year of living in Hollywood.  Recently engaged Kandi attempts to get closer to the altar with fiancé Todd, but faces unexpected roadblocks along the way.  She also adds to her growing entertainment empire by producing her first ever musical production, a project which brings all of the ladies together in very surprising ways.  Soon-to-be-divorced housewife, Porsha, faces major setbacks in her life, yet continues to fight valiantly to get back on top.  Meanwhile, Kenya battles her landlord over an impending eviction and delves into her family’s history, hoping to unlock the secrets from her childhood.  Always on the go, Cynthia faces challenges of raising a teen daughter and is surprised by others that are not supportive of her choices. Phaedra resists slowing down with baby number two and studies nonstop to get her mortician’s license while supervising Apollo as he tackles remodeling their new home. The stress on their marriage shows when Apollo’s opinion isn’t always aligned with his whirlwind wife’s ideas.

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Peep the trailer.

Season six premieres Sunday, November 3 at 8 PM. In other RHOA news….


NeNe Leakes is the last housewife, from the Real Housewives of Atlanta series, standing. Literally. After six seasons and a number of departures, the Georgia native has lasted. And since the show has continued, there’ve been hints that she’s been responsible for some of the cast firings. Specifically, there were reports that she had something to do with Sheree Whitfield getting the pink slip. In an interview with Sway in the Morning, NeNe addresses allegations that she’s had cast members fired and discusses the stress reality TV put on her marriage. Peep the excerpts below.

The key ingredient on how she became successful: 

Staying true to who I am has brought me so far. I’ve never been the type of girl to use people to get where I wanted to go, I probably could have gotten here a lot sooner, I just waited for my time.

If she was responsible for getting cast members fired: 

No, honestly I did not. I was the first housewife in and I think thats why people assume that. I was the very first housewife and I referred Kim [Zolciak] , Sheree [Whitfield] and Deshawn Snow that was season one when were all the housewives. People just assume  since I was the first girl in, that I must have some type of..I don’t have nothing on Bravo, they do their own hiring and firing. I have no hand in that. I am the last original housewife standing so that should tell you a lot.

The strain being on reality TV put on her marriage: 

It can definitely tear you apart, thats why you see so many divorces from reality TV. It’s a strange thing, I believe that Greg and I would have stayed married had we not been on reality TV. Its just the pressure of the show, the working and the judgement you’re getting from people that don’t know you it’s so hard. Even your friends and family that you have known for years, it almost seems like they don’t know you anymore. They ‘re saying negative stuff too, it’s so tough.

Watch the entire interview below.

Over 1 million people tuned into the premiere of ‘I Dream of Nene’ on Tuesday.

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