[WATCH] The Dream (Sorta) Reveals Identity of New Wife On ‘Culture’ Video

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The Dream (real name Terius Youngdell Nash) has released the video for ‘Culture’, featured on his mixtape, Royalty:ThePrequel. The singer/producer pushed his level  of creativity for the video, shooting the 2 minute video off of what appears to be his iPhone.



He introduces fans to his better half, whom he quietly married on July 3rd. As previously reported, the 36-year-old wed for a 3rd time at the San Francisco City Hall and gushed all about via his Instagram. As it seems, social media is a big part of his expression of love for her since on the wedding he posted numerous photos of his blushing bride in her gown and images of his tuxedo and attire.


Visuals include the duo enjoying a special moment standing in front of the Eiffel Tower, cute beach moments, along with a few #Usie shots.


On the hook he belts out:

Now let’s talk about this culture, culture, culture
And let’s talk about the culture!
Let me take you out on culture, culture, culture
Your name is culture, yeah!


Check out the video.

Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta