[WATCH] Pharrell Williams Releases ‘Marilyn Monroe’ Video

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You wan’t diversity, I’ll give you diversity!

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Pharrell Williams has released the video for his ‘Marilyn Monroe‘ and it features a variety of ethnic beauties. Earlier this year, he received a bit of criticism after folk suggested his G I R L album wasn’t diverse enough.

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That can’t be said with his latest video, that displays a mash-up of all skin tones, serving choreography by Fatima Robinson.

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Rocking his emphimis hat, that happens to have two holes shot through it, Pharrell sings:

Dear diary, it’s happenin’ again
This energy, like I’m ’bout to win
I just close my eyes and visions appear
She’s everything I want, and it’s crystal clear
Not even Marilyn Monroe
Queen Cleopatra please
Not even Joan of Arc
That don’t mean nothin’ to me
I just want a different girl
Girl, girl, girl, girl
Girl, girl, can’t another good boy keep it this thorough