[EXCLUSIVE] Former Basketball Wives Star Tasha Marbury – Loses Million Dollar Lawsuit Over Stolen Jewelry

the items willfully to the jeweler and they weren’t stolen from her. They wanted the lawsuit to be dismissed and her to be awarded nothing of the millions she demanded. The million dollar legal battle has been going on for years.

Then on June 26th, the New York Court judge came back and sided with the insurance company. The order granting the motion for summary judgement filed by the insurance co. explains that Marbury doesn’t have a case for a couple of reasons.

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The order states that Marbury admitted that she handed over the pieces to the jeweler willfully and that she never got a written agreement with him for a return date. The judge says that she ceased to personally supervise her items once she handed over the property.

Further, Marbury failed to follow the provision in her insurance policy to have 2.4 mill in jewelry deposited in a bank safety box when she wasn’t wearing the items.

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Finally, the police department voided Tasha’s police report against the jeweler when they realized it was a civil not criminal matter. The judge also points out that the jeweler himself said he returned the items to Marbury.

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The judge granted the insurance company’s motion for summary judgement, siding with them in their decision to not cover her claim for the lost jewels based on the fact the Marbury’s policy terms do NOT cover for how she explains her jewelry was taken. The order was signed on June 23rd.Read the EXCLUSIVE Court Documents (Part1) and Part 2.

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