[INTERVIEW] L.A. Hair’s China Upshaw Says She’s Being Portrayed As A Crazy Person + On Set Fights, Vivica Fox & Tension With Cast Mates

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Everything is not as it appears on reality TV — at least according to celebrity hair stylist, China Upshaw. For three seasons, China has entertained LA Hair fans, but she reveals that viewers are seeing a side of her that isn’t completely accurate. theJasmineBRAND.com correspondent Smith chatted with her at the Beauty and The Beast SWAG Pre ESPY’S event about her disappointments this season, what the REAL issue is between her and cast mate Angela Stevens and why there are so many brawls this season.

Check out the conversation.

theJasmineBRAND: L.A. Hair has been an eventful time this season, what would you say would be one of the things that you didn’t like about what you saw so far?

China: Uh, the fact that they are portraying me to be a crazy person. I’m not crazy..maybe a little sensitive.

Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta