Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris: There’s Stuff About My Marriage the Public Still Doesn’t Know About

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Folk are still buzzing about Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris and hubby T.I.’s latest musical releases. As previously reported, last week Tiny released a song titled ‘What The F@#K You Gon Do?, which seemed to reflect the difficulties that she is experiencing in her marriage. Simultaneously, T.I. released ‘Stay’, his own personal ode to Tiny.

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After its release some fans questioned Tiny’s motivation for dropping such a personal song. According to Tiny, the song was actually a reflection of their issues from a year ago. In fact, she never planned to release it. In an open letter to VIBE, she shares a lengthy expression of the song and the circumstances to which she’s currently going through. She writes:

Years ago, I gave up singing. Completely. I just focused on being a wife and a mother.

Let me clarify that. I never stopped singing. I just didn’t share it. I’ve recorded a lot of music and just listened to it in the car or in my basement—never sharing it with anyone.

So because of that, a lot of people are hearing my new song and seeing this video and they’re like—oh that’s right, she sings! I get it, especially with young people who might not know Xscape or who know T.I. and his music and see me as just his wife.

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But I’m not just his wife. I’m a singer. I have been for a long time. And it’s a very big part of who I am. I missed being in the studio at first. But with the OMG Girlz, I got a chance to write and produce, and that was how I stayed connected to music.

My new song is a statement. Some people might say, why put your business in a song? It’s because this is