Erykah Badu (Once Again) Offers Clarity On Recent R. Kelly Remarks

Erykah Badu (Once Again) Offers Clarity On Recent R. Kelly Remarks

If you’ve been keeping up, legendary singer Erykah Badu has been embroiled in an explosive mess surrounding her recent comments about troubled singer/songwriter/producer R. Kelly. After many assumed that she defended him while on stage at a recent concert, she took to social media to defend herself. Well, days later she has followed up her initial explanations with a few more.

Erykah Badu took to her Twitter account to offer up even more clarity regarding her controversial comments about fellow singer R. Kelly, who is in the middle of an investigation following the airing of the scandalous 6-part documentary Surviving R. Kelly. Initially, Badu stated that her comments were taken out of context and that she was merely offering a stance of love, support, prayer and healing for all involved, including Kelly. However, due to the current climate of “cancel culture” many fans were quick to bash Badu and accuse of defending sexual abuse and pedophilia.

When a Twitter user commented that they were not surprised by her comments about R. Kelly because she has worked with him in the past and refused to appear in the Lifetime documentary, Badu responded, stating

“That’s not true. I’ve never worked with him, don’t know him personally, and was never asked to be a part of the documentary.”

She didn’t stop there with defending herself against what she feels are false claims, as she responded to another Twitter user who once again questioned her initial comments and asked her if she was defending Kelly’s actions.

Badu tweeted:

“The video clearly is not a defense or justification of anyone’s actions. I’m not interested in qualifying the actions of others. I was sending a message of love to all involved who are HURTING. More importantly, I addressed the vicious cycle of abuse. The video is in my feed.”

She continued to retweet sentiments of support from fans who said that they understand what she meant and that she shouldn’t have to apologize for offering compassion to those who are hurting. Badu seemingly dropped the mic with her final tweet on the matter with a simple sentence that read,

“…y’all Make sure you Keep that same energy.”

Dream Hampton, the executive producer of Surviving R.Kelly, says that she did reach out to Badu to participate.

Tell us, do you understand what Erykah Badu was trying to say in reference to R. Kelly? Do you think that canceling celebrities has gotten out of hand? Let us know in the comments. 

By Danielle Jennings

Authored by: Kellie Williams