Hair Thief? Customer Sues Fashion Queens’ Derek J For Allegedly Stealing Weave

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Popular hair stylist Derek J is intertwined in a nasty lawsuit, involving an unhappy customer. The Real Housewives of Atlanta regular and co-host on Fashion Queens has been accused of stealing one of his client’s expensive extensions. According to Radar Online, a lawsuit was filed in Atlanta, where the plaintiff (unhappy client) claims:

I had my sew-in taken out to be reinstalled. Derek led his team to steal my hair, then Derek installed used … cheap hair in my head. He (Derek) also encouraged other stylists to steal my hair.” Now, the plaintiff is suing in excess of $2,000.

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The plaintiff  also told the site:

Back in November, I went to get my hair done [at J Spot Salon]…I had extensions already in my hair, and the expectation was that he would take them out, wash them, and put them back in my hair….After, I did mention to him that I thought it looked a little thin, but he swore up and down that he put all the hair back in, and I never even dreamed that I had completely different hair,” she claimed. “To my horror, when I got home, I quickly realized I didn’t have all the hair on my head….The hair started to change. I was noticing the ends were really super frayed. I was like, ‘This is just not my hair!’ My hair was brand new.

She added: