[EXCLUSIVE] Darryl Strawberry – Government Seizes All His Retirement Savings Over Unpaid Taxes

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Not so good new for Darryl Strawberry. theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports that the 52-year-old legendary baseball star is about to have all his retirement savings seized, with the Federal Government taking all of it due to his massive tax debt he racked up over 4 years.

The Feds slapped him with a lawsuit over the tax debt back in 2012 and recently the judge presiding over the case ordering that Uncle Sam can seize the baseball legends entire retirement plan he made with the NY Mets.

Strawberry amended his deal with the NY Mets in 1985, which had a portion of his baseball salary would be deferred and paid out to him years after his retirement. This ensured he would always receive income, even after baseball.