Preachers of LA’s Bishop Noel Jones Reveals Why He Isn’t Married: I’m Afraid!

Bishop Noel Jones

When some of us think of a person in ministry, we may assume their lives are perfect. They have a family, squeaky clean image, and can do no wrong. However when you watch the Preachers of LA their pristine images get a bit tainted but in an interesting way. They show us that while they speak the word, they are also human. Take for example Bishop Noel Jones. He’s not married but some suggest he partakes in activities that are shunned by the bible. However, his word isn’t compromised, or is it? This week, Oxygen‘s Jones and Bishop Ron Gibson stopped by V-103’s morning show where Jones happily defended his non-marriage notion.

Wanda Smith: What do you say to people that are totally against you not being married?

Authored by: Sharifa Daniels