[WATCH] Rapper Talib Kweli & CNN’s Don Lemon Argue Over Disrespect & Coverage: Let me finish!

After the segment aired, Talib defended himself on Twitter writing:

For those who saw me on CNN saying Lemon didn’t greet me I only raised that point to counter the fact

he said he invited me. He did not. I have respect for Lemon. But I dont care whether he knows/greets me or not. Just didn’t think he should’ve got away w saying he invited me He filled in last minute for another anchor and he clearly didn’t know who I was, which is why he walked over my perspective. To bring the focus back to what I was able to say, the night I was there, it wasn’t peaceful until “someone threw a bottle.” It wasn’t just men that were chased down & tackled like prey. It was women & children too. That’s an important detail. During the interview I was able to mention not 1 but many organizations on the ground who do this 24/7.

Lemon has yet to comment. P.S. Whose side are you on after watching their interaction? 

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