The Jerry Springer Show Has Stopped Production

Jerry Springer

The Jerry Springer Show Has Stopped Production

The Jerry Springer Show has been a long time American pop culture staple for over 27 years, but according to reports, it has stopped production on future episodes. From marrying off a horse, to having sex workers who lose teeth on set, the show quickly became America’s guilty pleasure.

Officially, the show has not been canceled, but it’s being reported that the CW Network only has plans to air repeat episodes. Staff members were informed about the unknown fate of the show back in April but some reports are saying that the network is considering possibly ordering future new episodes.

After a career in law and politics including a one-year stint as the mayor of Cincinnati, The Jerry Springer Show aired it’s first episode in 1991. Initially, Jerry Springer intended to have a hard-hitting politically charged talk show similar to the successful, The Phil Donahue Show. In 1994, with ratings lagging, the show’s new producer decided to shake things up and experienced huge success, by featuring the most outrageous storylines that always pushed the envelope.

Testing the limits of daytime television, Springer was never afraid to have controversial guests including white supremacists, cross dressing men, and yes, even a guy who was obsessed with his stripper sister.

Springer has yet to release a statement on the fate of the show.

By: Jeanine Cruz 





Authored by: Kellie Williams