Wale Calls Unhappy Fan A Lame, Uneducated Plastic Idiot

Rapper Wale arrives at Sirius XM studios in NYC

Wale had some choice words for an unhappy fan. Reportedly, the DC-bred rapper was a bit tardy for his NYC show over the weekend. An Instagram user who goes by @alina_the_kidd, left the following comment on his Instagram.

Untitled 2

Really we wait three hours to see you? GET IT TOGETHER! LAME!

Wale responded to the comment explaining the logistics of his scheduled performance, but not before he called her a few not-so-nice names.

wale blasts unhappy fan-the jasmine brand

He wrote:

yo learn facts before U start name callin U lil dumb b*tch.,yeah I called a a b*tch. I stayed and waited my turn to perform. I don’t run the venue I don’t control opening acts. It’s a concert U dumb *ss! It has to build there has to be new acts local acts and because I give ppl chances to perform n frount of a packed croud. No concert starts when the f*ckun