EXCLUSIVE: Dave East’s Team Responds To Reports Rapper Skipped Appearance

Dave East

Dave East Trashed For Skipping Radio Appearance

Rapper Dave East is called out by radio personality Kendra G for skipping an appearance on her morning show with fans. Kendra slammed East telling those in attendance,

He stood Chicago up and that is f*cked up.

See the clip.

The 29-year-old rapper responded stating

I wanna apologize to everybody in that room except this chick kendra. I was not told by anybody to be there today. No radio station has my number. Its good to know how Kendra feel tho you was just talking bout getting pregnant by me if you could  I wouldn’t touch you with gloves on. Chicago I love yall and would never ever curve anything in y’all city. I was only booked (informed) about a performance at siu (southern illinois university) which I was there for. Ive done damn near every radio station in the country and I have showed nothing but appreciation for those supporting me.

He continued,

Why would I randomly decide I don’t want my music played in Chicago? Makes no sense at all. But again to those in that room that came to truly support I apologize. Kendra you’ll never get a interview, a drop, not even a conversation from me ever in this lifetime. This post is the only energy ill give you. I will be having a free show/meet and greet in Chicago that date will be posted soon. That is not professional and I don’t move like that. Shouts to everybody that came out to joe’s last night I appreciate ya’ll. God bless you Kendra.

Update: Members from Dave’s team reached out to theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively to clarify the situation. They explain that it was a miscommunication within his label and his team. His team also shared that his fans are his priority and he would never intentionally not do a ‘meet & greet’ with them, and has plans to make the event up. We’re told that they’re a bit surprised that instead of reaching out to his label to find a resolution, they took to social media, calling him names.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams