[VIDEO] Michelle Williams On Keyshia Cole, BET’s Blue Ivy Joke & Why She’s Never Been Jealous of Beyonce

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This week, singer Michelle Williams stopped by Power 105’s The Breakfast Club to promote her new album “Journey to Freedom.” Per usual, the Destiny’s Child member was transparent, sharing why she opted for the gospel route and how she reacts to those who say she’s too secular. Michelle also opens up about her relationship with Beyonce and explains why she’s never been jealous of the mega-star. She also weighs in on BET and some of the publics comments on Blue Ivy, the vintage disagreement with Keyshia Cole and why she’s not quite sure about motherhood.

Check out a few excerpts.

The Breakfast Club: Tenitra! That’s her first name.

Michelle Williams: Ya’ll put me on the spot.

The Breakfast Club: Why didn’t you use the name Tenitra?

Michelle Williams: I was told it was “too ethnic.”

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The Breakfast Club: Who told you to change your name?

Michelle Williams: We can talk about that off the air. Michelle is part of my name–it is my middle name so it’s still God given.

The Breakfast Club: I just saw a website refer to you as a sinner since you’re mixing secular music with gospel music.

Michelle Williams: We’re ALL sinners! What is music supposed to sound like? What is gospel supposed to sound like? I made the mistake on my first record. I was told that I have to “sound gospel”– and these kids don’t want to hear that. I think the message is gospel, not necessarily the sound.

The Breakfast Club: I saw an article on Christian Post and you said you were cutting out all bad relationships. What does that mean?

Michelle Williams: Sometimes on your way to greatness you have to have a season of being alone. I had to cut out business relationships and some personal relationships that weren’t about anything.

The Breakfast Club: Like who, Keyshia Cole?