[VIDEO] Mo’Nique Says There’s Beauty In Janay Rice Standing By Her Man

Mo'Nique Says There's Beauty In Janay Rice Standing By Her Man-ray rice-domestic violence-the jasmine brand

There seems to be very few people defending Janay Rice’s decision to support her husband. There’s been much fall-out since footage leaked of her then fiance, NFL’er Ray Rice, knocking her unconscious on an Atlantic City elevator. While many have spoken out about their anger with Ray’s actions, some suggest that Janay who is now married to Ray, should have ended their relationship. Comedian/actress Mo’Nique has a different point of view.

In an interview with Good Day LA, the Oscar Winning actress said:

It was horrible what he did. It was tragic for us to see that happen to that young woman. There is no excuse for that. On the other side of it, there’s the beauty in it because you see this woman saying, ‘I’m going to stand by my husband.’

She also revealed that in one of her past relationship, she and her boyfriend physically fought each other: