(EXCLUSIVE) Jimi Hendrix Ex Band Mate Ends $2 Million Lawsuit With Sister

Jimi Hendrix Ex Band Mate Ends $2 Million Lawsuit

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, Jimi Hendrix’s former band mate has reached an agreement with the late musician’s sister to dismiss his $2 million legal battle over guitars owned by the artist, with the suit being dropped against the artist’s sister.

Here’s the latest: On February 14th, docs were filed by both Hendrix’s estate and his former band mate (Taharqa Aleem) stating all claims against Jimi’s sister Janie Hendrix are dismissed completely. The terms of their agreement will remain confidential but will bring an end to the $2 million legal battle between the two.

Here’s the backstory: Last year, Taharqa Aleem filed suit on behalf of himself and his late brother Tunde Ra Aleem – ex-band-mates & former roommates of the legendary musician – against his adopted sister Janie Hendrix.

He claimed he leased two of Jimi’s guitars to Janie for $30,000 for her to put them on public display. However, he claimed she is now refusing to hand them over.

The guitars in question include Jimi’s Black Widow and the Mosrite Joe Maphis Doubleneck, which the ex-band-mate claimed the musician gave to him before his death in 1970. He pointed out at one point he was offered up to $2 million dollars by a buyer for the guitars.

Aleem accused Jimi’s sister and his estate of breach of contract over the refusal to give back the guitars and sued seeking damages in excess of $2 million dollars and lawyer fees.

Jimi’s estate and sister Janie later responded, explaining the band-mates were facing financial difficulties back in 1995. They were attempting to raise money by selling the two guitars owned by Jimi and gifted to them.

However, around the same time the estate purchased the guitars from the brothers for $30,000,  in an effort to preserve his legacy. Following the purchase, the estate put the guitars on display at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland and only now – two decades later – they are demanding the items back. The estate demanded the suit be tossed.

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