[EXCLUSIVE] T-Boz & Chili Dragged Into Ex-Manager Pebbles $40 Million TLC Lawsuit

Viacom responded back to the allegations they defamed Pebbles. In the docs, they state that based on their knowledge the portrayal of Pebbles was accurate and they did not act with malice when making the film. They demanded her $40 million dollar lawsuit be dismissed.

Then on September 30th, Pebbles served her former clients T-Boz and Chili with subpoenas. The two were producers on the TV movie which aired earlier this year.

The docs demand the two hand over all documents and communications between them and Viacom which discuss Pebbles.


She also is demanding from them – any docs between them and the network regarding scenes or statements in the film that they claimed were inaccurate, the script outline for the film, all documents about scenes involving Pebbles specifically scenes where they portrayed her to be manipulating the group out of money, her alleged reaction to T-Boz’s health issues and anything related to the group’s record contracts.

T-Boz & Chili have yet to respond to the subpoenas.

Read the Exclusive Court Docs

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