Comedian Spanky Continues Taunting Tyrese: You’re Gay & Suge Knight Slept With Your Baby Mama! [VIDEO]

Spanky Taunts Tyrese-the jasmine brand

The back and forth continues, between actor/singer Tyrese and comedian Spanky Hayes. As previously reported, the entire spat took place when Spanky made some interesting accusations against Tyrese. During his weekly radio show, he alluded to the fact that Tyrese landed his role on ‘Baby Boy‘ because he accepted sexual advances made by the male casting director.

Tyrese later responded, blasting the comedian in a long video, stating that he would end his (Spanky’s career).

Tyrese Denies Sleeping With Male Producer to Win Baby Boy-Comedian Spanky-the jasmine brand

So what’s the latest? Spanky has released a new video and he doesn’t seem to backing off of the verbal shots. Poking fun of Tyrese wearing an animal throw in his backyard, Spanky shoots the video in a similar manner. He clarifies his previous comments, noting that he wasn’t coming for Morris Chestnut nor John Singleton:

Morris Chestnut, I never said nothing about John Singleton so come one, man. You know what you sound like bruh? When Kobe got caught cheating with his wife, he said Shaq do it too…’ You monkey mouth n&gga.

In between giving viewers an inside look at what he claims is his own tricked-out home he continues:

See what you tried to do Ty, you tried to play the popularity role, and then you try to you know, f**k the