(EXCLUSIVE) Frank Ocean’s Dad Loses $142 Million Legal Battle Against Russell Simmons

Frank Ocean Dad-Loses Lawsuit Against Russell Simmons-the jasmine brand

It’s a wrap, at least financially for Frank Ocean’s father. theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports that he has lost his $142 million legal battle against Russell Simmons, with a federal court judge throwing out his lawsuit alleging he had been defamed by the music mogul when he posted an article about him being a deadbeat father.

This year, Frank’s father Calvin Cooksey, filed suit against Simmons and his website Global Grind for portraying him as a horrible father, when in reality he says Frank’s “money grubbing mother” was the reason he hadn’t seen his son since he was 5. He filed suit for damages explaining he has lost future income as a result of the articles on Simmons’ site.

Frank Ocean’s father also filed docs in the case explaining he is so non-financially stable that he can’t afford to pay the court costs for filing the lawsuit.