(EXCLUSIVE) Jimi Hendrix Estate Says Rock Legend’s Legacy is Being Tarnished, Demands Court Order Injunction

Jimi Hendrix Estate Says Rock Legends Legacy is Being Tarnished-Demands Court Order Injunction-the jasmine brand

The estate of Jimi Hendrix is accusing a man of tarnishing the rock legends legacy by selling unauthorized products and tricking his fans and now they have filed suit demanding an injunction — theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports.

Earlier this month, Experience Hendrix – the estate for rock legend Jimi Hendrix – filed a federal lawsuit against Zabell Entertainment.

The estate explains they were granted the rights to everything Hendrix following the death of Jimi’s father who left all of it to them. They explain for decades they have been committed to preserving Jimi’s artistic legacy. The estate says they sell high quality goods to the fans along with participate in charity, all to keep alive the innovative spirit and musical talent of Hendrix.