Wendy Williams Admits Toning Down Radio Persona to Land Daytime: I had to be that person so you’ll would pay attention.

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Some would argue, radio personality Wendy Williams and talk show host Wendy Williams are two completely different people. During Wendy’s reign on the radio airwaves, Wendy was known for her entertaining, yet controversial comments and interviews. Before stirring the pot or ‘reading’ someone was a cool catch phrase, she seemed to have mastered it, easily.

Fast forward to the present day and some suggest that she has softened a bit, toning down some of her opinions, while she continues to succeed as a talk show host.

Wendy Williams-Huff Post Live 2014-the jasmine brand

During a recent interview with the Huffington Post Live, Wendy says that during her days on radio, she had to be cut-throat (my words, not hers).

You know what? I had to be that person. People ask me, do I have any regrets. No. None. I had to be that person,