R.Kelly – I Was Robbed By Someone I Knew For 25 Years! [VIDEO]

R.Kelly - I Was Robbed By Someone I Knew For 25 Years


R.Kelly – I Was Robbed

R.Kelly is devastated that one of his Atlanta homes have been burglarized. On Friday, the singer took to social media, showing footage of his property that appears to have been ransacked. In the footage, the singer’s mounted TV’s seemed to be missing, along with furniture. Sharing the footage of his home, R.Kelly says,

They basically done cleaned out my whole house. I thank all my fans for their support.

He also alludes to the fact that it was someone that he knows that robbed him.

That’s what happens when you get … well, let people to close to you… People you’ve known 25, 35 years. This is what happens.

He continues,

It’s all love though. Imma keep my head up, keep working on this album.

See the clips below.

Part 1

Part 2

As previously reported, earlier this week two of his homes in Johns Creek, a well-known neighborhood in Georgia, were reportedly burglarized. An associate of the Grammy-Award winning singer broke into the homes he rents on Old Homestead Trail and at Saints Devon Crossing. The associate is said to have stolen several items and then sold them to the highest bidder.

50-year-old Alfonso L. Walker is the man police are looking for in the case. Police say Walker was supposed to turn himself in on Tuesday, but didn’t. He is facing several felony charges, police said.

Reportedly, items were reported missing from the Old Homestead Trail home on Nov. 26 when a maid showed up to clean the home. After noticing furniture and electronics were missing, the maid called “the house manager” who then called police. The maid is said to have found that the place had literally been ransacked. Apparently, (Walker) felt like he was owed some money.

Among the items missing were a 79-inch TV, lamps, sofas, a leather recliner and bar stools, and a “diamond-encrusted” hooded sweatshirt.

According to a separate police report, a neighbor near the Saint Devon Crossing home called police after he saw men loading furniture and other items from the home into several vehicles on Nov. 27. Police searched the home and found that most of the furniture, personal items and electronics had been removed.

Kelly previously rented another home in Johns Creek. The parents of Joycelyn Savage believed their daughter was being held at a “guest house” of Kelly’s on Creek Wind Court. Johns Creek police checked that home a year ago after Savage’s parents requested a well-being check and found no one was home.

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