Keri Hilson Denies Dating Man Accused Of Bank Fraud

Keri Hilson Denies Dating Man Accused Of Bank Fraud

Keri Hilson is being tied to a man who is accused of bank fraud in Tennessee, however, she is denying any romantic involvement with him.

According to Sandra RoseDemarcus Johnson, known to friends and colleagues as “Speedy”, committed felony bank fraud back in June. He’s currently out on bail. Reports say Speedy went into Synovus Bank at in Nashville, TN to obtain a $50,000 business loan. He then filled out documents for the loan using a fake ID and someone else’s information. The affidavit reads:

He completed a document with the victim’s personal information certifying he was the victim and gave it to the bank employee. Police arrested the defendant and, after conducting a search of his person, found a counterfeit driver’s license in his wallet.

As Speedy is awaiting trial, it’s being suggested that he is dating singer Keri Hilson. According to a rumor from, it’s being reported that they’ve been quietly dating since 2016. Keri Hilson, however, swiftly shut down those rumors, saying that she’s never dated Speedy, although she does know him.  She tweeted:

Staaahp it, Sandra!! You still at it? ?? I’m sorry your blog took a hit. Go awwwf, sis! #issareach #fakenews #neverdated #knowhimtho ?? Speedy!

Speedy runs several businesses according to his social pages. He owns the 24 hour Chicago’s Maxwell Street-Style Polish hot dog eatery in Atlanta as well as Speedy Construction.

Check out some videos of Keri and Speedy kicking it as friends.


Authored by: Eleven8