Blackout Hollywood Protest Draws: Tyrese, Quincy, Brandon T. Jackson, Masika Kalysha

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The protests across the country continue. On Saturday, a peaceful march called Blackout Hollywood took place in Los Angeles. Protestors, which included concerned citizens, activists and famous folk, walked and chanted ‘Don’t Shoot.’

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Celebrity protestors included Tyrese and his daughter; Kevin McCall who sang the National Black Anthem; Quincy Combs; Brandon T. Jackson; Logan Laurice; Masika Kalysha (Love & Hip Hop Hollywood) and others.

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After the march, Tyrese wrote:

Today we made a statement – in this life it’s not about ONLY taking a stand for the things that effect you directly – it’s about taking a stand on behalf of “Humanity”…. I can’t rest until things are different – today we marched a multi ethnic March on behalf of peace and integrity – if you don’t stand for something you will for for anything – safety in our communities and the belief in the “system” needs to be restored – the power in numbers was displayed today/. As comfortable as one would assume I am – I am very uncomfortable cause I have a daughter and we ALL deserve to feel safe……. We don’t call 911 to BE murdered we call them to protect us from being murdered- this need to change-

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