(EXCLUSIVE) Dr. Dre’s Ex-Business Partner Says Mogul Owes Money From Beats By Dre

Beats explained in their lawsuit that Lamar, “does not have — nor has he ever had — any ownership interest in the company. Moreover, Jibe Audio [once run by Lamar] was not responsible for the ‘concept, design, manufacturing and distribution’ of Beats’ headphones.”

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They reportedly demanded an injunction against him from continuing to take credit for Dre and Iovine’s work and also damages for the what they consider are lies he was spreading to promote his headphones.

Then on November 21st, Lamar fired back at his old business partners claiming that he is in fact a co-founder of Beats. He explains that both Dr. Dre and Iovine admitted in the 2006 lawsuit that he had a role in designing the headphones they now sell. He says that it is uncontested he was a part of the team and nobody denied it back in 2006.

Lamar also says he has brought new claims against Dre and Iovine in California Court due to them not paying him his 4% royalty on all the headphones they sell.

The man is reportedly demanding the lawsuit against him be thrown out and Beats be awarded nothing and he be allowed to continue stating he is the co-founder of the mega-successful company. See the exclusive court docs.

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