(EXCLUSIVE) Ex-NBA Star Antoine Walker’s 5 Year Bankruptcy Finally Comes to a Close

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Ex-NBA star Antoine Walker will finally be able to breathe a little easier, with his 5 year + bankruptcy case in which he had nearly $13 million dollars of debt will be coming to a close FINALLY — theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports.

Walker filed for bankruptcy back in 2010, claiming he was $12.7 million in debt and only $4 million in assets despite reportedly making over $110 million in his NBA career.

He was discharged from his debt back in March 2012, but the bankruptcy continued on with the trustee trying to work out the remaining issues and pay off as much of the $12.7 million dollars in debt that he could.

The NBA star lost his championship ring during the course of the case, with it being sold off for a total of $21,500 to the highest bidder a couple years back.

Then on January 14th, the trustee in the bankruptcy filed docs explaining he had sold off all the assets he could. He explains that a total of $331,003.04 was generated from the sale of Walker’s property and assets.