Love Don’t Live Here Anymore: Terrell Suggs Wife Files For Divorce, Blames Infidelity

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It’s officially OVAH for an NFL couple. Reportedly, Terrell Suggs’ wife of two years has filed for divorce. She claims that the 32-year-old Ravens outside linebacker was unfaithful in their marriage — an accusation he denies.

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Candace Suggs is requesting full custody of the couple’s two children (who are ages 6 and 7). She has also requested child support and alimony. Her filing (which she submitted last December) states that the

Defendant has committed adultery during the marriage and the Plaintiff has not forgiven, or condoned the adulterous conduct.

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An attorney (Thomas C. Ries) for Terrell said that he remained faithful to his wife until they separated nearly a year ago.

The allegations she makes concerning Mr. Suggs occurred well after they separated. They were no longer in love and they no longer wanted to be married to one another.

Adultery isn’t the only issue that has plagued their marriage. Previously, Candace accused Terrell Suggs of domestic violence.