[INTERVIEW] Keisha Epps Talks Girl Power, Pursuing Acting & Whether ‘Total’ Will Reunite

Positivity! I live by two things and it’s love and understanding and I think without either one neither one can co exists, and I think we can all come from a positive aspect. You know try to uplift one another whether it’s giving a hug or compliment saying “girl you rocked that show last night”. This is why we are here to uplift each other.

The certified platinum artist is also staying busy professionally. When asked what’s next for her, she shared:

A lot! There is not one thing in particular, but I’m writing again and working on music. I’m going to step out there into the acting world. Just a lot of great things in line, but mommy first.

RB group total-the jasmine brand

The R&B group Total reunited on stage at the 2014 Soul Train Awards during the performance of the song ‘Ladies Night’. Keisha spoke candidly when asked if the girl group will be reuniting explaining,

You know what, that a really weird question. Total is touring right now; it’s not working right now. If there is some big events I will probably go out with the girls. But it didn’t work out. But God has great plans best believe it.

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