Taraji P. Henson Admits Auditioning for ‘Scandal’, Shoots Down ‘Baby Boy 2’ [VIDEO]

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The Empire stars are taking over all things media, doing tons of press in anticipation of their finale episode. This week, the Fox series’ lead actress, Taraji P. Henson, visited Power 105’s Angie Martinez Show.

Taraji, who plays the very colorful character Cookie Lyon, admits that her latest role consumes her, literally:

It’s overwhelming, going to the store is not going to the store anymore. I used to do my groceries before, but I had to hire an assistant.

While Taraji admits that she’s use to playing opposite of attractive men, she admits that falling for her co-stars, is a no-no “you fall for that character” and later come to the realization that the person is “nothing like that character.”

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In fact, she shares that years ago, she received life-long advice from AJ Johnson, suggesting that she never cross the line with men that she works with:

I don’t let boys come in between my coins…

She continues: