Damon Dash: My Ex-Wife (Rachel Roy) Won’t Let Me See My Kids!

dame dash-rachel roy-the jasmine brand

Damon Dash is publicly blasting his ex-wife, designer Rachel Roy. The former Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder says that Rachel is keeping him away from his two daughters. Dame and Rachel were married from 2005 — 2009 and share two daughters Ava and Tallulah. Over the weekend, Dame blasted Rachel on Instagram, writing:

miss my babies I better not have to fight to see them because of some lame lawyer like b*tch ass. Donnell Suarez @rachel_roy please don’t get caught up in this because Im not playin @ava_dash call me

In a separate post, he continued:

If anybody speaks to Rachel_roy can you ask her why she is keeping my daughters away from me i know such a classy woman would never do something as distasteful as that unless advised by a low life scum bag lawyer like donell Suarez Rachel please don’t get caught up in