Tamar Braxton Bursts Into Tears On Air: K.Michelle Has The World Saying I Look Like A Muppet [VIDEO]

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The tears were falling today on The Real. The ladies get REAL about their own experiences with “mean girls,” and gave their fans advice on how to stand up to bullying. Things got really emotional for Tamar Braxton, when she was asked (by Jeannie Mai) what type of advice she’d give her son, about bullying. The co-host/singer/reality star broke into tears:

I don’t have any advice to give my son because I …

Tamar went on to say how she’s insecure about her appearance after repeatedly being told online that she looks like a muppet. While she doesn’t say K.Michelle’s name, she does allude to the fact that people call her this because of her. In between tears, she explained:

I was just asking my husband, the other day….A particular person started saying that I look like a muppet. And people say it so much sometimes I start to believe it. And so I even asked