Justine Skye – Police Call Singer “Difficult” While She Files Report On Alleged Abusive Ex Sheck Wes

Justine Skye – Police Call Singer “Difficult” While She Files Report On Alleged Abusive Ex Sheck Wes

Roc Nation singer Justine Skye took action after alleging ex-boyfriend, rapper Sheck Wes abused and stalked her earlier this week. As reported, Justine, 23, described walking with her friends as Wes pursued them, following her with two different cars full of her ex’s friends.

On Tuesday, Skye attempted to file a police report with the Los Angeles Police department to document the abuse she allegedly described this week. After her first attempted failed, she transitioned to a different station. As the singer filed her report, she shared her experience on social media after allegedly being called a “difficult victim” by West Hollywood officers. She captioned an image of the inside of the police station:

“Different precinct now trying to file the last report but their so rude, dismissive and disrespectful. Called me a ‘difficult victim’ when he wouldn’t even let me finish telling him what happened before he could give me a list of reasons as to why he can’t help me.”


She continues to share her experience mentioning the shame many women face with filing a domestic report:

“This is why most women don’t go to or call the police by the way, especially dealing with male officers/deputies whatever tf. But don’t let them discourage you because I for sure am not.”

Skye confirms that she did in fact completed a police report on not just one incidents, but two.

“It’s okay, that was just one precinct.. the other one I was at earlier was extremely helpful. Filed reports on the two there incidents.”

Wes maintains his innocence and his legal team issued this statement on all of Skye’s allegations:

“We are actively investigating the allegations against Sheck Wes and are fiercely standing by him through this. He has denied any wrongdoing whatsoever or violence of any kind and we believe him. He will defend himself against this serious defamation of character with any and all legal remedies available and for now will leave this with the legal process. Sheck is a strong supporter of the rights and liberties of all people and is appalled by these wrongful allegations and attempts to assassinate his character. He will no longer sit by and allow these falsehoods to live on any further.”

Sheck also took to social media, denying Justine’s allegations.

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Authored by: Gregory Molette