[INTERVIEW] Naturi Naughton Talks New Projects, Being Frustrated As A Black Actress In Hollywood + Being In Love



Most of us were introduced to Naturi Naughton as 1/3 of the trio 3LW. The New Jersey native has since transitioned into the world of acting, landing roles in movies like ‘Notorious’ and ‘Lottery Ticket’, along with TV gigs such as ‘The Playboy club’ and ‘The Client List’. Recently, with chatted with her about playing Lil Kim in her first acting role, the challenges women of color face in Hollywood and her love life (yep, she has a man!). Peep a few excerpts:

How she felt about the criticism Meagan Good  received for her BET Awards dress: 

Honestly, I think that she is beautiful. I’ve always thought we have good bodies, why not work it while we can and while we’re young. I didn’t see any major harm, it doesn’t show any defaming thing for her character. It shows that she felt like wearing that dress that day. I think as long as you are confident and hold your self with class, I think you can do that and I applaud her for doing what she feels.

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If she feels that the climate for black women in Hollywood is improving: 

It’s really challenging. I feel like things are starting to be hopeful but there so much further to go as black actors and actresses in the industry. It gets frustrating at times; it’s hard I’m not gonna lie I’m like, ‘Can we please get more than one role per year?’

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If she ever spoke with Lil Kim, after she publicly critiqued her portrayal of her in the movie ‘Notorious’: 

I didn’t get a chance to meet her after the fact but I heard from different people, I think there is some positivity and peace now. At the time, it was rough, we’ve all moved on and gone past that, I’m focused on doing good work. At the end of the day ‘Notorious’ was a film, I’ve went on to do other things and I hope that people continue to support me.

How she budgets and manages her money in between acting gigs: 

People don’t know unless you are swimming in it and getting Denzel and Halle Berry checks for every movie, it’s hard. You have to learn budgeting and you have to be frugal. At the end of the day, you have to be smart.

Having a boyfriend in the industry and what she loves most about him: 

 His everlasting support. Constantly supportive of me and encourages me when I have moments, I love a man who can always have his woman’s back

Feelings about the Zimmerman verdict: 

It has made me feel a sense of frustration with this justice system, with this country, with this whole situation. I just want to send out a message of hope, a message of love to Trayvon Martin’s family. Its been so hard for me because, I feel like that could have been my little brother.

Peep the entire interview below.

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Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta