Dame Dash Shows Up to Court With No Lawyer: I’ll Fight Alone!

damon dash-court rachel roy-the jasmine brand

Who needs reality TV when your’e following Damon Dash on Instagram. As you know, the 43-year-old business man is in a heated feud with his ex-wife, Rachel Roy, over their two daughters. [Click here for the back story].

dame dash-rachel roy-the jasmine brand

Apparently, on Thursday, Dame showed up to court by himself, all in the name of fighting for his rights as a father. He posted a photo of himself outside the court room, writing:

Court sucks but it’s a necessary in business and personal but if your patient and your right it works out…most people are afraid of court so they get pushed around…when I’m right I fear nothing so I fight to the death and if you notice when I fight I fight alone and I’ll never send someone to do something I wouldn’t do myself I’m all about a fair one….I can’t wait till this wack shit comes out… I have another lawyer to make famous …I’m not even gonna