Evan Ross Supports Michael Jackson Despite Accusations: “Don’t Believe Things Just Because They’re On TV” 

Evan Ross Supports Michael Jackson Despite Accusations: Don’t Believe Things Just Because They’re On TV 

While a select few high-profile figures have condemned and distanced themselves from the iconic Michael Jackson following the Leaving Neverland documentary, there are still millions who love the King of Pop, specifically actor/singer Evan Ross.

Evan Ross

Ross recently posted a vintage MJ performance clip on social media and didn’t hesitate to slam the online trolls who hopped in his comments attempting to bash Jackson.

Social media continues to give good and bad critics the platform to say things that may oftentimes not say in public. One social media user criticized Evan Ross over the vintage clip of his godfather Michael Jackson on social media.

The clip in question was from Jackson’s 1988 musical film Moonwalker where he performs a cover of The Beatles classic “Come Together,” in addition to hits from his 1987 chart-topping album Bad. For the caption, Ross simply wrote,

“So good. Had to post this again!! Love you!”

It didn’t take long for the comment section to produce some people who took offense to Ross’ post—and he was ready to respond and defend Jackson.

One commenter wrote:

“Posting an image of him girating is in really bad taste. I will also be unfollowing you.”

Ross quickly responded, writing:

“Please do”

Another person questioned Ross:

“Just answer me this? Why did he sleep with these kids? Or was this a lie to? I loved MJ and I just can’t believe he would do this. He was loved and had no reason to hurt anybody. Saddens me to hear all this. Im torn because after watching the Oprah special it got to me.”

Ross stated:

“Don’t believe things just cus there on tv”

It didn’t stop there, another commenter questioned Ross’ parenting skills in relation to Jackson:

“Would you have left him alone for days at a time sleeping in the same bed with Ashlee’s son? Yeh. No. Doubt it. Unfollowing. Glad he’s dead to be honest. Can’t hurt anyone else from the grave…way way too much evidence.”

Ross didn’t let that comment slide and shot back with:

“You believe in the lies you hear…good luck with that! U never even met him.”

As you know, the Jackson family and several close family friends, including Ross, have slammed the Leaving Neverland documentary and its accusers, specifically Wade Robson, who has several conflicting claims regarding Jackson throughout the years.

See this vintage clip of Evan sharing his love for MJ.

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Authored by: Danielle Jennings