Jesus, Wept: Singer Tank Shares How A Gay Minister Slid In His DM’s, Exposing Himself [VIDEO]



Can we say awkward and comfortable? Those two words are exactly how Tank (real name Durrell Babbs) felt after discovering a few questionable DM’s in his social media, from a man of God.

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During his recent appearance on Kandi Koated Knights, the singer revealed that a gay youth pastor, hit him up via Direct Message, sharing some sexual photos of himself. And while Tank says he doesn’t have an issue with gays, he does take issue with the fact that the man was a representative in the church.

Check out the transcript of the conversation below:

Nikki: My question is allegedly, we’re still not too sure about all of this, that there was a particular gay pastor that was sending you DM pics on IG.

Kandi: Freaky DM pics.

Nikki: I mean, what other DM pics can you send?

Tank: Yea, he was sending me the full activity.

Kandi: So, it was a pastor?

Tank: I don’t think it was a pastor, but rather a youth minister or something like that. You know, he was sending…

DJ A One: Was he known?

Tank: I don’t know if he was known. I don’t know who he was. I didn’t know him. I went to his page and saw him in the church.

Nikki: Aw, man.

Tank: In the pulpit.

Nikki: Laying hands on b****es.